In june 2011 the company 3J-3D int. ltd. has bought the Voderady Agricultural Cooperative - Slovenská Nová Ves, where our heading in transportation and mainly the focus on food and agrosector have been confirmed.

In the primary production we are cultivating 1250 ha of arable land with focus on growing corn for grain, wheat, malting barley and beet. We are also breeding cattle (Holstyn breed), milk and meat production. With the aquisition of NEW HOLLAND harvesters and other agricultural machines we started to provide also services in the area of plant production (preparation of soil, harvesting crops and the post-harvest soil treatment), with our mainly focus on:

• sales of fertilizers and chemicals
• harvesting grain and maize
• transportation from field directly to our warehouses, optional drying in our drying oven - sale to our customers after storing, for whom we provide further logistics services europe wide.

With our aquisition of the Voderady Agricultural Cooperative - Slovenská Nová Ves we have also obtained two centers with an area of 404 ares, which are also serving as a company headquarters including warehouses, parking places, petrol station, office building, tire service, machines for cleaning and drying wheat and maize.

The targets for the future of the company AGRO Voderady - Slovenská Nová Ves a.s. are set:

1. The optimalization of inputs and outputs in primary production

2. From long term perspective the focus on cultivation of maize and grain

3. The processment of own milk production for the distribution to milk selling machines and in cheese production

4. The processment of meat in own slaughterhouse and direct sale of it